Lead Pastor Bob Daniel
Bob is visionary leader that brings over 25+ years of pastoring and church planting experience to Grace Church. He has a great love for people and communicating about God in creative, practical, and life-changing ways. Bob and his wife Sue are also founders of Grace Academy a K-12 College Style School in Matthews, affiliated with Grace Church.
Elder / TeacherBob Spies
Bob is an elder and teacher at Grace Church. He has 20+ years of serving in local churches. He has a great heart of compassion for people and brings the wisdom and experience of walking with Christ for a number of years, as well as a grandfather of 5 wonderful grandchildren.
Worship Leaders Jason Atkins, Josh Daniel
Jason is a gifted musician, with several years of worship team experience. He also teaches the Worship Team class at Grace Academy. Jason has a great love for God and music. Josh is a young, energetic, and gifted musician who loves God and people as well as writing and producing various types of music. Josh is an experienced worship leader who has served in two other churches.
School Director/Principal Sue Daniel
Sue is a caring and innovative Pastor’s wife and educator that has taught school for many years, has been a pioneer in home education , as well as help start several churches, Grace Church and Grace Academy over the last 25+ years.